Buying from Cornerstone Bullion is simple. When you call in and place an order, that order is a legally binding agreement between you and Cornerstone Bullion. You have to pay us the purchase amount, and we have to ship you the purchased items. The order confirmation we issue on every order clearly spells out this agreement each and every time. Billions of dollars of precious metals have been bought and sold this way all across the country for decades.

We’ve never had a single unsatisfied customer. That’s the only way our company will stay in business and retain our “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. And frankly, we know that when a business dishonors God by cheating from their customers and defaulting on their agreements, that business has bigger problems than just the Better Business Bureau and civil & criminal liability.

Once your payment clears and we ship your purchase, you can be assured that your shipment will come packaged in a non-descript package, fully insured. If you have more questions about buying from Cornerstone, visit our How it Works page.