About Us

Cornerstone Bullion:
A Top-Rated Dealer

Cornerstone Bullion is one of the fastest-growing precious metals suppliers in the US, helping it to acquire a top-tier rating with the largest independent online review center—GoldDealerReviews.com. We have helped thousands of investors around the world diversify, protect, and preserve their wealth. We leverage strong relationships with primary suppliers, low overhead, and years of sales and service experience to provide clients with the best price and service.

Cornerstone Bullion is a member of the ICTA (Industry Council on Tangible Assets) and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Cornerstone Bullion is privately owned, family-operated, and has no debt. We are also fully compliant with federal and state requirements, while safeguarding our clients’ privacy and security.

A Letter from the Owner

My name is Chad Roach—I’m the owner and founder of Cornerstone Bullion. Like you, I’m a believer in the value of owning physical gold and silver. When I started buying precious metals over a decade ago, I was looking for a dealer that would give competitive pricing and top-notch service, and like many of you, I never found it. One dealer I use to buy from years ago went bankrupt with millions of dollars in orders that were paid for by customers, but never received. I couldn’t find a dealer that offered excellent service, a solid reputation, and competitive pricing… so I became the dealer I was looking for.

My background and specialty is alternative investments—metals, real estate, and tangible assets. As a finance professional with a background in investing and real estate, I look at gold and silver as a strategic investment—something to hedge against the risk and uncertainty of fiat currency and the financial manipulation of central banks. Whether you are looking to prepare for the “worst case scenario” or just hoping to have a portion of your investments in something historically reputable like gold or silver, you’ve come to the right place.

I look forward to serving you!

Chad Roach

Chad Roach

The Cornerstone Difference

Competitive Pricing

Buying and then selling precious metals shouldn’t be expensive.  Investors should be able to easily buy and sell gold and silver while not losing a large portion of their investment to dealer commissions.  Our products are priced an average of only 1-2% over our cost (and sometimes even less), compared to 5-10% commissions with many other dealers, or even 20-40% commissions for dealers of numismatic (collectible) coins.  Of course, the more you purchase at a time, the lower that commission becomes.

This is very important for investors.  You should be able to buy gold and sell it back 5 years later without giving all the profits you have gained back to the dealer.  We maintain highly competitive prices for buying and selling, regardless of if you originally purchased the metals from us or not.


Many folks ask us why we chose to maintain a family-owned and family-run company.  The answer is simple: there’s no better way to maintain security, privacy, and service better than using our entire family service team to serve our clients.  We don’t worry about commissions or who “makes the sale,” and we don’t want our clients to either – no matter who you talk to, we’re all here to serve you.

You’ll be treated like you are part of the family.  We’ll answer any questions you have before you commit to purchasing from us. If there is ever anything we can do to assist you before, during, or after your transaction with us, we’re just a phone call away. Our normal business hours are 8AM-5PM, Mountain Standard Time, Monday-Friday. Have a question outside those hours?  Leave us a message, and many times we can return your call immediately, even during the evening or on Saturday.

No Paid Advertising

It might be counter-intuitive, but we have a long history of avoiding paid advertising of our services.  The math is simple: No paid advertising means lower expenses, which ultimately means lower prices.

Lower Prices + Better Service = Happy Clients

And speaking of happy clients, we have some of the top ratings for “highest user review” on the world’s largest independent online dealer review site—GoldDealerReviews.com. Getting a highly satisfied 4.9-star rating from our clients is better than any advertising we can ask for!

Sterling Reputation

With thousands of satisfied customers across the country, we insist on 100% customer satisfaction with each and every transaction. So far, we’ve never missed this goal, and our “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau assures you that our customers agree!

3 Things We Won’t Do


We don’t “hard sell” our products and solutions. If you don’t believe in the long-term future of a precious metals, then don’t buy our precious metals. Our goal is not to strong-arm anyone into a particular investment strategy – we’re here to provide strategic, asset-based alternatives to traditional market investments. But if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.


We don’t provide referrals from our clients – we value the privacy and security of each of our clients. We know you don’t want us giving out your personal information, and we won’t do it with our current clients either. If you’d like to hear about our service from clients, look at our online reviews at www.GoldDealerReviews.com.


We don’t buy or sell securities, and we aren’t a registered financial securities brokerage. We sell physical coins and bars only. Of course, precious metals are based closely on the commodities markets and prices will vary daily as the prices of gold and silver rise and fall.