10 Oz Academy Bars

Silver Content: 10 Troy Oz
Total Weight: 10 Troy Oz
Purity: .999
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10 oz Academy “stacking” silver bars are among the finest in the world. Made by the Academy Group according to ISO specifications, the 10 oz Academy silver bars are approved for IRA investment, and are highly popular bars among investors. The Academy Group is a well-respected precious metals refinery out of northern New Mexico that has refined silver for over 30 years. Academy refines millions of ounces of gold and silver every year.

Their precision-cut manufacturing makes them easily stackable, and very secure against tampering. Because of their highly polished front, their ridged sides, and their machine-swirled back side, it makes it almost impossible to drill, shave, or otherwise tamper with the bar. This feature makes the Academy bars even safer to buy and sell, especially as the price of silver continues upward and counterfeiting becomes more of a concern.

The stackable feature of the 10 oz Academy silver bars makes them easy to stack, count, and store. See for yourself why Academy silver bars are the world’s standard of excellence in silver bullion.

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