Buyer Beware! Gold Scams and Dealer Fraud

There's been a fair bit of scuttlebutt about fraud and dishonesty on the part of gold and silver dealers over the last month or two. One prominent precious metals dealer that has sold $100's of millions in gold and silver [...]

Gold Medals, Manipulation, and the Price of Silver

Gold Medals At the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the US, Russia, Norway, and the Netherlands are all within one medal of each other in the total medal count at the time of this post.  Interestingly enough, gold medals aren't really even made of gold anymore.  The medals are actually silver with [...]

Forbes Comes out in Support of Gold . . . Again

Thanks to Steve Forbes for coming out in support of gold, once again. Politicians hate gold, because they can't print it. Wall Street brokers hate it because they can't make massing commissions churning it. But it's nice to see a [...]

Why Are Gold and Silver Dropping?

"Why are gold and silver dropping?" The tone of my client's voice was like that of an 8 year-old boy who realized it was raining the entire day of his birthday. That's just not fair! If things are so bad [...]

Silver, Gold, and the European Crisis

Silver's up 5%. No, it's down 9%. Now it's back up 12% again. What in the world is going on with the price of silver and gold? There are several things affecting the price of gold and silver right now, [...]

Investing in Precious Metals through an IRA

Gold, Silver, and your IRA As the nation considers the results the last decade of federal spending and the historic quantitative easing introduced by the Federal Reserve, more and more investors are looking for safe-havens for their long term savings [...]

3 Simple Things You Need to Know About Silver

World silver supply, gold/silver ratio, annual industrial consumption . . . you've heard so many numbers and figures that your head is spinning. We understand that numbers can be confusing, but what do all the statistics mean for the average [...]

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